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Choosing a domain name

Choosing a domain name (website name) can be one of the hardest parts of having a website.

Here are a few tips to help you decide what’s right and what’s wrong…

  • Brainstorm five top keywords for your business
  • Make the domain name unique but relevant
  • Choose #1. a dot-com or #2 a dot-ca if available first
  • Make it easy to type on a keyboard – shifting between letters and numbers is a pain on a smartphone
  • Make it easy to remember (without having to write it down)
  • Keep the name as short as possible
  • Don’t use acronyms (unless it spells a really good word that people will remember)
  • Avoid copyright infringement – stay away from variations of competitor’s names
  • Set yourself apart with a brand, benefit or a need (energysaverwindows .com)
  • Reject hyphens and numbers (like
  • Don’t follow the latest trends (no one knows what redtoadstool .com sells)
  • Use a WHOIS service with a good reputation (like a company CIRA certified for .ca sites)

Once you’ve decided on a name, it’s time to buy it.
NOTE: Don’t purchase your domain through a web-hosting company like Cogeco.

For more information and advice about purchasing a domain and web hosting, contact us – before you sign up somewhere else. We can help you purchase your own domain. That way YOU own and control the information. Deal with someone you can trust. We’ll help you point the domain to our server. We’ll talk you through it by phone or in person – another great reason to deal with someone local.