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How to start a website

Starting a business website? First, think it through.Yes! Every business should have a website! But there are many things to consider before you begin. Here’s a place to start…What is the purpose of your site? Take time to identify your objectives.
Answer these questions:
• Who will use your site?
• What is your message?
• What will visitors expect to find?
• What type of look are you hoping for?
• What image do you want to project?
• Is there a site you’ve used and liked?
• What about colours? Images? Pages? Draw it out first.

Once you’re ready to act, researching and purchasing a domain is the first big step. Tip: You need to OWN it – don’t put it in someone else’s hands or you may regret it later on. (Buy it from a reputable company like

Then, we can guide you through the less-sexy steps of the online process:

1. User Interface – what type of site do you need? html, WordPress, Content Management System, mobile? Don’t be restricted to a ‘canned’ solution. Free is not always good.

2. Information Layout– what do you want to say? content, pages, categories, etc.

3. User Experience – what does the visitor get? info, contact pages, downloads, sales, coupons, etc.

then… the fun part …

4. Graphic Design – that’s when you put your site in the hands of a talented web designer and learn the benefits of having an experienced and invested partner. It’s this relationship that can help you to establish your unique message for your business.

Then, watch as we work behind the scenes to keep your name on search lists through pointing, hosting, SEO – a web developer’s specialty.
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