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10 reasons people hate visiting your website

An overload of SEO to get people to your site will just piss them off… especially if you’re not what they were looking for.

Nothing worse than a 1mb pic on your homepage…. waiting… waiting… gone! Make all pics actual viewing size at 72 dpi.

BROKEN LINKS – these are as bad as Under Construction pages. People will only be lead the wrong way once or twice before they get frustrated and leave.

POOR QUALITY GRAPHICS – don’t cheap out! If you want to look professional, use professional photos and graphics. Some sites sell them for as little as a dollar an image. Purchase the smallest files available for a website.

Lead the users through your site. Make the message obvious. If they get lost, they’ll just close the window.

TOO MANY ADS – trying to make money is okay, just don’t put so much that it detracts from your own message.

ANNOYING POP-UP OR POP-OVER ADS – some viewers will leave a site as soon as a pop over ad appears. If you must have one, make it professional, appealing and have a large X close button.

LACK OF INFORMATION – Provide pages to answer your visitor’s questions. Have a clear message on who you are and what you offer. A lack of information could cause them to go elsewhere…. like your competition.

NO CONTACT INFO – ever go to a website and it takes you to a contact page with no phone number? People don’t just want to fill out a form. Always supply email addresses and phone numbers.

NO BLOG FOR FREE INFO – people search websites for useful information all the time. Provide free good quality information about your product or service to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

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