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Domain Transfers – a tricky thing

When it’s time to move your domain you need to initiate a domain transfer. This involves moving your domain from your current registrar to a new registrar. Transferring a domain should not interfere with your site appearing on the web (unless your old registrar deletes it)

NOTE: Be sure to initiate the transfer within 60 days of your domain expiring. Domain name transfer may take up to 10 days. You may have to renew with the old registrar before transferring if you wait too long.

Here are the steps involved:

Don’t make any changes to your domain name. Some companies (like goDaddy) will lock down your domain for 30-60 days if you change the Administrator Contact or Technical Contact info. If this happens, you will not be able to transfer your domain name until it is unlocked again. Instead, ask the registrar to forward you any transfer confirmation emails received and possibly mask your old domain to a new url. Be sure the old registrar keeps your email addresses working as well.

To initiate a domain name transfer, you’ll need an EPP or authorization key. EPP key is a security code required by the registry to transfer a domain name, thus this key is unique to every domain name.

Before your domain name can be transferred it must be in ‘unlocked’ status. Almost all registrars offer domain name “lock” and “unlock” feature to prevent a fraudulent domain name transfer.

Your transfer will be sent to the administrative contact email address to approve the transfer. If this is your old registrar, have them forward the email to you. If you have trouble getting it, report the invalid WHOIS data.

Being held hostage?
Unfortunately, some registrars like to hold your domain hostage. This IS against the law. The transfer of registration policy also states that the domain name registration can be transferred without the approval of the losing registrar, and it is required that a losing registrar must transfer the domain name
If someone asks you for a fee to release your domain name, report them to

Common reasons for domain name transfers:
Incorrect EPP/Authorization Key
Domain name locked
Inaccessible administrative contact email address
Time constraints
Expired domain name

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