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Stay away from Link Farms

Link Farms, Web Rings, are various ways SEO people try to improve your website’s page ranking. Beware – Some methods are effective while others will actually damage your ranking.

Google has recently improved their algorithms to ignore fake links sent out by SEO farms. It hasn’t stopped them, just made them get more creative.
I had a request from a Calgary-based company looking for a cheap hosting package to include 80 or more external links.

A web ring
A web ring is a scheme whereby each website participating in a ring features the same navigation bar at the top of every page. They usually have a theme such as music, fashion (to get around google’s improved algorithm). The navigation bar has links to the “next” and “previous” sites in the ring. Eventually, if a user keeps clicking in the same direction, they will end up where they started. The navigation bar will also feature a link to a central site which links to all the others, so that if one link in the chain breaks, the web ring will still function. They may improve the amount of clicks to your site, but not boost your page ranking.

Online networking services
Don’t waste your money to join them. They buy your links, Likes and +1 and could possible damage your ranking – permanently!

Reciprocal Links
are a good thing. I’ll put my company link at the bottom of webpages on sites I create. I then, in turn, will put a link to their new website on my company website as examples. (see