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Useful ((free)) tools on the internet

There are plenty of free open source tools out there to help you create and maintain beautiful websites.

• Facebook – create free pages for your business or organization. All you need is a free Profile page.

• fotolia –
Download free images every week just by creating a free account.

• – search engine
Google has gmail, calendar, dropbox, analytics etc. – all free!

• Google Analytics – track page views and visitors to your website

• iCLIPART – free online clipart for websites.

• Infogram
Free online graphics tool – generate sharp, modern and responsive graphs, charts and infographics.
Make charts and info graphics. Paid Pro version allows download of files.

• Pattern Maker for backgrounds

• RGBphoto –
Free photos for use on websites

Free (as in open source) WordPress files for use on your own server ( has free online websites)
Free Themes and Plugins to use for your new WordPress site are also available.

• Woothemes – free and paid WordPress themes. One of the leaders in Themes and Extensions for WordPress. WooCommerce is becoming one of the most used free e-Commerce tools online… and it’s free!

• WayBack Machine
Site allows users to search for web pages that are no longer online.

• WHOIS lookup
Domain name lookup service to search the whois database for domain name registration information.