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Search tips for the web

Ever wonder where an image came from? Or maybe a font used on a website or logo?
Here are a few helpful websites to make the search a little but easier…

Where did that image come from? is an amazing website! It can help you search millions of internet images in seconds. Just upload your image or enter the image online address, and click SEARCH button. Poof! Instantly it shows you the image and where it’s used online.
TIP: It’s great for finding out if anyone has stolen your artwork.

What font is that? has a tool that helps you determine which font is used in a word.
Just upload an image of the font or enter the online address, and click Continue button.
You will be asked to verify certain letters. Only enter the correct letters.
You’re given a few choices of which font it could be.
TIP: Sometimes you find a font that’s better than the one you’re searching for.

Plagiarism rampant on the world wide web
Want to find out if someone has stolen your website content? Try Just enter a sentence or paragraph and hit enter. It takes a little while but, hey, it’s free!

Google translate
Google is still one of the best options out there. It can translate words, sentences or paragraphs instantly. It can even detect which language is being used.

Rachel Charron