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Email Spoofing is ruining email

Here’s the problem.
Spammers are using something called “Email Spoofing” – an act of making an email appear as if it were sent from a specific person or company, when it really wasn’t. The FROM line of the email is being manipulated. Pretty smart, huh?

What is spoofing?
Here’s an example… I receive emails all the time from banks saying my account has been suspended because someone was trying to hack into it. What’s the biggest clue? I get them from banks I don’t deal with. The FROM line has the banks legitimate email address in it, making it look very authentic. The email body ALWAYS have a link to login and change your info.

If you learn nothing else, learn this – don’t click on a link in an email!

Most banks have an email address set up for you to report them (it’s usually phishing@) As a courtesy, forward them to the bank before deleting. And remember to make them SPAM or JUNK before you delete them.

Most email providers require authentication to send and receive email, blocking spoofing from most mail servers. Some overseas providers, however still do not… and here lies the problem. Spammers keep finding places to do it and legitimate mail servers end up on blacklists.

Companies like hotmail and yahoo have to counteract the problem by setting tougher restrictions on incoming mail. So if you notice you’re not getting all of your mail, this could be why. Contact your mail server and ask them what they’re doing to counteract the spoofing hacks from blacklisting their mail servers.