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Can I get an “amen”?

When you see a Facebook post asking for a “Like” or an “Amen”, do you do it? Most of these posts are fake. They are set up by Facebook hackers who are just getting likes and comments for a page they are trying to build up. The more comments, the higher the ranking for the page. They steal images from other people’s Facebook profiles and post them for an “amen.”

There is currently a message going around social media claiming that if you type “amen”, hackers, described as “foreign men” can get into your profile. Well, it’s absolutely not true. No one can magically highjack your Facebook profile because you make a comment. (Unless your comment is your login info.)

How it spreads…
When you comment, all of your friends see it, then if they like or comment, all of their friends see it. And so on… and so on… That’s how these fake posts spread.So unless you personally know the person, the page, or the poor elderly people (or poor animal, poor child, or poor village) in the photo, don’t bother liking or commenting. All you’re doing is helping them boost their clients’ pages.

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