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Are you mobile ready?

Is your website mobile ready? As of April 21, 2015, Google as changed its algorithm due to its focus on delivering better results to visitors using the service on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Sites that are deemed mobile friendly will see favourable search engine rankings in comparison to those which are not. Given how busy mobile traffic is these days, this is a significant update which has many business owners worried.

Fear not.
Google has developed an online tool which checks a number of things and determines how your site looks for mobile visitors. Simply enter your URL (with https:// at the beginning) and see if your site is google mobile ready. Your site is either ready or it’s not. (NOTE: if you have a robots.txt file which won’t allow crawling, this will not work.)
Chance are, if you have an up to date WordPress website, you’ll be fine.


If you see a message telling you that you’re not mobile friendly, contact us to help you figure out why.

Our customers have received confirmation by email that their sites are mobile friendly. If you haven’t received a notice, please contact us.