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Strong Password crucial

Just a reminder to make sure you pick strong passwords for your email and website login. 
Just had a large e-commerce website go down because her hotmail email was hacked. 
She lost all images and links for over 300 products. It all has to be redone. 

NOTE: Our hosting backups only go back a week as well so best to make this a part of your routine each week.

Also, be sure to make a backup of the site about once a week or after you add content. 
Most sites we setup and/or host will have the BackWPup plugin loaded and activated.

You just go under BackWPup >Jobs and hit “Run now” 
You can download your backup as well by selecting BackWPup >Backups and hit “Download” on the backup you just created. (The backup is also stored in a backup folder.)

Strong Passwords
Most companies will tell you to use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Here are a few simple ways to make a strong password:
Create a password from a sentence – In 1990 I had a girl named Alice! becomes I1990IhagnA! (gets capital letters, symbols, numbers all in there)

String together 4 irrelevant words you’ll remember such as – storeadamdogtruck
Stringing four words together is said to have many more “bits of entropy,” making it almost twice as strong as the conventional method.

Most importantly – don’t use the same password for everything! Once one is hacked, it’s an open door to all.