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Social Media for Business 101

Platforms like blogging, Facebook, Twitter and mobile are changing the way people connect — and the way businesses promote! Here’s some valuable information about the basic offerings and links.

Facebook: A good Facebook fan page (or business page) is essential to making your business look professional and trustworthy. There needs to be a reason people should “Like” your page such as a free item, contest, or special coupon. You should set up a Facebook Welcome page, special offers, coupons, and entry forms as well as informative and useful posts. Have an attractive cover image that shows what your company is about while still following Facebook’s business guidelines.

LinkedIN: A great place for business to business contacts. You can accumulate connections rapidly through 1st connections. Join Groups related to your field and make posts weekly. Follow companies you’re interested in working with. Add as much content as you can to your Profile so people get to know what you and your company are about. You should create a page for your business too.

Twitter: This is a bit trickier. The best way to find followers is to follow them. The Follower gets an introductory message when you follow them. Why not make it a free offer or coupon? They in turn, check your page out. You need to design an attractive Twitter page, tweet valuable and useful information about your product so they want to hit “Follow”.

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