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Google Listing Recorded Phone Message

“Our records show that you have not updated your Google listings. To update them now, press 1. To be removed from this call list, press 2″Have you had this Google Listings recorded phone message?

Newflash – it’s not Google calling you. It’s telemarketers who do NOT work for (and are not affiliated with) Google in any way. They are simply trying to sell you a service they provide.

It’s probably a private company and this is their way to get you to use them for Google advertising, while they take a cut of the action. We get them all the time. They probably got your number from the yellow pages or your website.

So what do you do about the recorded message you keep getting, well you could press 1, then ask who they are. See if they’ll give your THEIR personal information. If they won’t tell you, obviously it’s a company trying to sell Google ads second hand. If they ask you to advertise you can just say no and ask to be removed from their call list. (even if you push 2, you may still get calls)

Google will only call you about paid ads if you’ve asked them to call you, or if your business address has been reported invalid. In this case, you will talk to a live person, not a recording. THEY WILL NEVER ASK FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

If Google does need to call you, they will send you a PIN code (by cell phone text message or email) for verification and they call you immediately after you enter the code.

We can easily set up Google ads for your company if you feel it’s a good way to reach customers. We charge a one-time fee to research keywords and set up your ads. We have a Google expert who can log into your own google account and set it all up. All we need to know is how much you want to spend a month with Google.