Rachel Charron


rachel-mug-400Rachel Charron has been in the advertising design and marketing business for over 25 years and using Mac computers and software equally as long. There isn’t a program she can’t figure out.
The self proclaimed "Design Goddess" left a newspaper job after 16 years to create a local team of online people who have a passion for “all things internet.” Realizing that marketing experience as well as importance for customer service aspect was missing from many local web companies, she set out to create a team of experts that understand the importance of putting the customer first.
Proficient in most graphic design computer programs (CS5) with firsthand experience in web products, she also possess excellent writing and editing skills.

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Stephen Crampsie

In-house writer

crampsie-mug-150…  first and foremost, beyond happily married …

… an indulgent father, an underdog-backer, a video game-lover, a sci-fi geek, a football-cultured (the REAL football of Pele, Best, Zola and Chelsea) sports nut, a right-handed signer, a left-handed eater, a pun-spinner, a persnickety editor, a detail-oriented writer, a careful listener, a skilled interviewer, a quiet negotiator, an avid but cynical reader, a passionate debater, a tenacious advocate, a wine appreciator and beer explorer, a deep inhaler, a critical viewer, a puzzle solver, and poor sleeper …

Phyllis Chant


phyllis-chant-profileAn Amherstburg-based photographer who has been shooting for over forty years, Phyllis Chant has experience with portraits and weddings as well as commercial photography.
Her first camera was given to her by her dad who encouraged her to “capture the moment.” She kept that philosophy while completing my degree in Fine Arts at the University of Windsor.
Through many career and camera changes, Chant is fortunate enough to be able to do what she loves — full time!

Vicki Charron

Google Expert

vcharron-google-expertVicki Charron is well-versed in all things Google.  Charron has years of experience in marketing and advertising.
She has extensive sales experience spanning 30 years since graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University. She launched and operated two successful small businesses, a Windsor-based marketing support agency and an ecommerce venture.
Charron also provides information, education, coaching and mentoring for individuals associated with direct sales companies.


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Alex Halsall

Data Entry

alex-halsall-2011-sqAlex Halsall is a university student who does order entry and other tasks for our company. She is majoring in French and minoring in Math at the University of Windsor. Halsall is very experienced in computers and social media - like most students her age. She is bilingual - fluent in French and offers translation services. She aspires to being a teacher in the French school system in the next few years.